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Having all kind of issues, CCM related?

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Default Having all kind of issues, CCM related?

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Hey, I have a 2001 V70 T5. I have been having issues with the dash going completely blank, windows not rolling down, and blinkers not working. Happens everytime I drive the car within the first ten minutes. After you stop and let it cool down for about an hour, everything will start working for a few more minutes. The only message it is flashing is SRS- Urgent on the information panel, may not be related to my problem but I don't know, no ABS lights or anything, all the warnings do pop up right before it crashes.
I have opened up the ABS Module and resoldered the power pins, nothing else looked damaged. Didn't help. I read a thread about a motorola chip in the DIM, had that reflowed, didn't help. I think I have tracked it to either the ignition switch or the CCM. Sometimes when I get out of the car and it is acting up, the CCM will stay on. The lights will be on and it blows out air of the vents. Car completely off. This is why I think the ignition switch is not completely shutting off power to it or there is a short in the CCM. But why wouldn't the radio be on? Any ideas what would cause this? Thanks so much! I'm so frustrated dealing with this, and I need blinkers!
Replaced the DIM a few months ago and everything was fine for a while, now I'm getting same problem as described above. CCM lighting up and powering on fan every few seconds (without key in ignition!), interior light blinking on/off then along with it, DIM going completely blank, and other electrical faults (CAN bus errors).

The CCM was already replaced with a junk yard one when I got the car.

Tried pulling the diagnostic codes and almost every module had a fault starting with CEM-0001, followed by CCM-0001, then DIM-001.etc..

I tried putting in the CCM from the S60 (which is a total loss :facepalm but that just stayed on and wouldnt shut off at all.

I also swapped the DIM again with another new one from Xemodex (i will be calling them tomorrow) and swapped the Fan control module. Still same issues.

I'm thinking it may be the CEM but I'm not sure. Could be I need another used CCM specifically from this year. At worst the CEM needs to be replaced. I see Xemodex offers a CEM service now so I'll be giving them a ring tomorrow.

Any help out there? Even a suggestion? Car is a 2003 XC70 and is sitting in the garage with battery disconnected.

Really a shame as I've put a lot of work and money (around 4k) into it and only got 3000 miles out of it. Its turned into a nightmare for sure.

This may be unrelated, but I recently replaced a module for the heated seat on the driver side, the old one had a pin melted and stopped working, but it was working fine and being used before all this happened.

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