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Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

Old 03-27-2008, 10:05 PM
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Default Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

My wife went to this local used dealer here in Worcester, MA. She bought a 1999 XC V70 Cross Country AWD Turbo Wagon. The car is literally in MINT condition. The leather and everything is sickeningly MINT for a 9 year old car. Which made us think that it must of been taken care of. We paid 5k for it. The day she left the lot with it, she rode on the highway for 30 min and then kicked up the speed to 70MPH 2 min at that speed the car shuddered and shut down. Also the brakes were sticking and heat was coming from them. She was livid. So the dealer takes it back. He tells me it was an O2 sensor and a frayed wire (Shafen Cable????) to the fuel pump. So today we are all happy. My wife drives it for a good 30 min and everything is fine. Then we take it home and decide to cruise a little enjoying a car that is very nice on the inside. Retractable sun roof!!! ).............( We stop at a store and immediately the brakes are whining very loud. Then we pull in to get a drink a Dunkins and the freaking check engine light comes on. So now were are like what the f*ck. It died on her the first day, now after "repairs" it is doing this stuff. So we are here typing this now and this is what we were thinking of doing. And please let us know what we SHOULD do.

The place we bought it from told us to take it to "their mechanic" to get a free inspection. We are questioning the validity of this. They could push it through regardless just to say "Hey ok your set" and the thing actually not pass. We want to take it to a decent Volvo shop near us and have them do a complete diagnostic (50 point?). I told my wife that I am willing to put 1.5k into this thing. I mean the inside is tugging at my heart. It is damn nice. So after getting the diag done from Volvo, I wanted to take that to the dealer and see what is what. I am going to hopefully have them fix what is wrong on the diag sheet, then after they fix what they can, put the rest into preventative maintanence (flushing radiator, upgrading ECU?)

We really are in love with this car and quite frankly do not want to just decide, hey we got ripped off. I have looked at reviews online for this Wagon and they have been horrible. From this to that. Another thing that happened tonight was the shift lock button near the shifter got pressed down and would not let us take out the key. Thank freaking god for the internet I found out you need to wedge the button back up to switch it back. I had to take a razor blade and after 10 min, they key turned finally.

What do you guys think we should do? How much should we put into this $$$ wise and what would you get fixed/upgraded or just tuned up? Like I said, this is a 99 and it looks brand freaking new. The leather and everything is very very well kept. The pictures below are not ours but that is the exact same car..exact. And honestly ours is in better condition. Yes if you can imagine. I still can't. So thank you for listening and we would love to hear from you guys, the owners.

Thanks from Nick and Boon.


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Default RE: Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

Was there a warranty on the car when you purchased it, or was it sold "As Is"?

If the former, then return the car to the dealership and have them fix it.

If the latter, you're probably screwed. He already has your money, why should he repair the car? Honestly, you should have taken the car to a Volvo mechanic and had the car inspected before you purchased it.
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Default RE: Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

Yes I have a 1 month / 1250 mile warranty on it. So basically take it to a Volvo mechanic and have them run the diags and inspect it? Then bring it back and tell them to fix what's on the diag? I guess the best place is a Volvo dealership for repairs? Or would I be better off finding my own wrench?

Thanks much!
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Default RE: Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

Definitely take it to a mechanic and get the codes read for the check engine light. Especially if it is under a warranty. After all, that is what you paid for!

If the brakes were stiking and got hot, you quite possibly not only have stuck calipers, but overheated pads and warped rotors as well. That would help explain the loud brake whining.

When you get it checked by the mechanic, I would completely explian what has happened with the brakes and have him give them a through going over/repair. ALso ask him to check the wheel bearings as well. I doubt they got overheated, but it is a possibility.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Just bought 1999 for 5k.....issues and what to do?

If it were my car, I'd return it to the dealership where I bought it from and explain the problems I was having.
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