V70 1999 AWD Still running rough after major service

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Default V70 1999 AWD Still running rough after major service

Hello, i thought i'd ask here too, since support on my "local" forums is becoming non existent

So currently i have a V70 AWD 1999.. So 2.5T With VVT (B5254T) manual

After i got the car i immediatly noticed something was funny with the steering..
So took it to a shop and got major repairs done on the front end, even the whole steering rack had to be replaced..

After that i started getting CEL's and misfires, cause of huge pressure in the engine. Oil was getting sprayed all over and it had got into my plug pits and coils. So i did a PCV service, replaced the box too with original Volvo sparepart.

I had to replace 2 coils, cause 4 and 5 we're badly cracked. Ran good after that. But soon after that my timing belt jumped............
In the shop the mechanic noticed that the previous owner had mixed 2 different coolants! Something i didnt check when i got the car... So it was full of gel, and had clogged the water lines. Cylinder 3 was almost completely burnt.

So i had a very big repair done.. All 20 valves, head gasket, head bolts, new plugs, timing belt kit, oil and filter, coolant flush and refill..
So it ran okay when first firing up in the shop. Real good, but as soon as i moved the car a few meters the idle got rough. Its almost as if its running on 4 cylinders, but NO CEL! No codes either...
Theres a lot of pressure in the exhaust when felt with hand... At first it was running lean, but now i think its running rich.. cause of the smell of fuel.

I located the problem to the IAT sensor, right before the throttle body, its clips were broken so it was very loose, sometimes when it flew out on a bump the engine would stall of course. But now its fixed and the idle is still terrible.. Im pretty sure the middle cylinder that was almost burnt is not firing properly. The injector is a little white on the tip, but i tried pulling all injectors one by one and all of them changed the idle. So i dont suspect its broken. The only thing i didnt change were the coils! And actually Coil 4 has its protective rubber casing torn pretty bad.

Could bad coils cause this? One funny thing also is that if i disconnect my battery for 20 seconds, and reconnect it, the car runs perfectly. UNTIL i move it... i can rev it at idle all i want and its perfect, runs on all 5. But if i drive 10 meters and stop then the idle is terrible again and seems to only run on 4.. Also i dont seem to get any misfires when driving and under throttle. But for example the car has a real hard time coasting on 2nd when the revs drop to 2000 or under.
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