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Default Check this video

Originally Posted by phobod1 View Post
for the past couple months or so ive noticed that my floors have been moderately wet after it rains. after some investigation i noticed water was spewing down from under my dashboard. the local volvo dealer wanted 150 an hour to work on it and wouldnt actually tell me what was happening. if anyone can please help me out ide appreciate it
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Default Please I need someone help my first Volvo

The problem started on the rear passenger side carpet all wet. I noticed it would get worse when the air was on. So I had a mechanic unclog the AC hose under the car and now there water on all the carpets except the front passenger side. A pool of water I haven't even turned the air on cause am scared it might get worse. I also notice sometimes when I turn the air on it seems like it's struggling to stay on for the first 7 seconds. I don't wanna take it to the Volvo dealer ship. Please anyone help.
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It's simply a matter of identifying the leak. You have to make sure your mechanic actually fixed the issue and did not make it worse by disconnecting the AC drain hose.

Did you check the sunroof drains?
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Came here looking for advice but might be able to contribute instead. There is a know problem with 2010 S40 & 2009 C30 but could be larger problem. Leak is consitently from top of windshield seal. Not a problem with sunroof drains but those can easily happen to and should be checked first. Here is a Industry News link identifying the problem. Volvo Glass Bonding Issue - Technically Speaking - Technically Speaking
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This problem is written about in several forums. Just picked up my 2012 XC60 from Volvo today. Leaked at the top of the windshield, and got worse over time. They paid for the whole repair, and even had to remove the seats to remove the front carpet to dry it out. No problem with Sunroof drains existed. They confirmed it was bad windshield seal. I didn't even have to get angry. Seems Volvo is fixing these on an individual basis. I feel bad for those who got it fixed other than by Volvo. They even gave me a loaner car. Total cost $30 in gas. Took about 4 days, mostly to dry the carpet.
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This has been a big issue withcthe p3 v70s and Im guessing the same thing has happened to your v40. It is very likely the windshield that has come unglued st the top in behind the mirror. I had this happen to me and when I brought the car in to speedy auto glass the guy said he has seen several Volvos come in with same issue. He was able to show me the gap by pressing upwards on the windshield from the inside of the vehicle and you could see the windshield pop right up off the car. A replacement windshield will cure the isssue.

here is a link the the uk volvo forum where the v70 issue has been discussed at length.

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Please see my post, "Update on My Sunroof Leak." I had this problem just after buying a used S40 as a gift to myself. The problem has now been resolved.
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Default Water Leaking into floor on 2011 C30

The first time water behind the front passenger started to appear in my 2011 C30 it was under warranty. I live in an area surrounded by a lot of trees. The dealer tech said he was going to replace the drain tubes since it was under warranty, but they could be blown out with compressed air. The second time this happened, just last year, despite my covering the car during the spring when pollen was in the air, came as a surprise. My independent mechanic (a Volvo specialist) told me he would clean out the tubes for free when I had it in for an oil change - BUT warned that the original type tubes also had a problem of getting constricted when they got older, probably the material lost its resiliency and so they could clog much easier. Sure enough, despite being cleaned out it appeared water was still getting in. So I took it back and had him install new drain tubes. $150 for the labor, $25 for the parts. However, he also told me depending on how long the problem had been going on, that the insulation below the carpet could be holding a lot of water still and that the musty odor and dampness of the carpet could continue for some time. He had the same issue with his car and eventually drilled holes through the floorboard to drain the water out. Even then, the odor did not go away. So he had to rip out the carpeting, dry out the insulation and and replace the carpet. I think mine has dried out now, and I caught it early enough. Since the problem was just in the back behind one side, I also noticed that by removing the plastic piece under the passenger seat meant to deliver warm air to backseat passengers feet (see picture) the air from my heater will then be blowing directly onto the insulation below the carpet. So I've been driving with it like that for a few weeks now and no sign of musty odor.

But the problems did not stop there. Water also got into the dome light assembly and fried the circuit for the lights. At least the sunroof switch still works. Now I'm looking to replace that on eBay. I have to say that I've never had such problems on any of the other brand of cars I've had with sunroofs. Given how common this problem seems to be you would think that Volvo would own up to this design flaw and offer to fix the problem.
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