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2001 S80 T6 died, again!

Old 03-23-2008, 09:18 PM
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Default 2001 S80 T6 died, again!

My 2001 S80 T6 with 75k miles died again today, for the third time and it happened while going low speed, in a parking lot, when it hit a very small dip in the road (like those drainways they put in the parking lot to help the parking lot drain when it rains). Thinking back at the other times that it died. It always happened low speed hitting a small dip in the road, not coasting but slight pressue on the accelerator pedal to get out of the dip. When it dies, the car starts right up soon after.

This is a serious issue because I almost got rear ended the last time this happened. All the lights come on the dash and the steering wheel locks up. I can't do anything but quickly press the hazzard and hope no one hits me.

The warranty is with Carmax, it's been there twice. they couldn't duplicate the problem, they sent it to the local Volvo dealership on the second time around and couldn't duplicate it either.

The other night I did high speed runs on the freeway, stop and go traffic, and I hit several other dips in the road at 25-30 MPH to try to duplicate it but it doesn't die out.

No DTC codes come up and the car starts right after.

VIN Check shows the ETM software was upgraded:
SERVICE CAMP 155 Credited 4/19/06 36004 Software control module
30785453-9 ETM/ECM P UPGRADE 55221 5127 BOZZANI MOTORS

I checked the battery connections in the trunk and all the grounds that I can reach under the hood. They are all tight. I also checked most of the connectors I could reach. Lot's of the wire loom is brittle and cracked when squeezed. I saw a thin pair of yellow and black wires bare, no wire loom. I could see it but could not reach or see where it begins or ends. Its above the transmisison housing. It seems like its coming from a larger pair of wires underneath the airbox. It's just odd that it's sitting there above the transmission housing. I checked the underhood fuse box. no blown fuses. I didn't check the trunk or interior fuseboxes,

Just for the heck of it. I looked to see where the fuel filter was. It's underneath the right side rocker panel. I don't think it's ever been changed. The quick connect has some play so I slid both connecting ends toward the filter. Should I change the fuel filter, It's cheap DIY fix and if it doesnt solve it, one less maintanence thing out of the way.

What are the usual suspsects? Agian this is a serious safety issue and it happens intermittently and neither Carmax nor Volvo can duplicate it.
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Default RE: 2001 S80 T6 died, again!

Could be one of the many sensors.
Fuel pump relay
alot of things sadly you will have to wait till it happens more often.
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Default RE: 2001 S80 T6 died, again!

Update. 03/26/2008:

Carmax was able to duplicate the problem, almost. They left a message on my phone stating when they test drove it, the car "almost" died. So now they know the problem exists. They are sending it to Volvo tomorrow to have their techs look at it.
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Default RE: 2001 S80 T6 died, again!

Keep us updated.
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Default RE: 2001 S80 T6 died, again!

I spoke with the Volvo dealership today to the assigned service advisor. He stated they were aware of the almost dying out when Carmax tested it. They couldn't duplicate the problem. The service advisor told me they ran it through VADIS and NO codes show up. Because the extended warranty through Carmax only covers failure to the part, they can't just throw parts at the problem in hopes it will fix it. I also mentioned the software 155 upgrade that was done and the surging on medium to hard acceleration. They said they will check it on Monday. They will hook up what's called in their lingo a "gameboy" (maybe it looks like a Gameboy) to it. To further diagnose it. They will also check the battery connections and ground connections in the trunk. The tech also stated he will try to look up any outstanding software updates that can be done. Another interesting note, I asked about a dirty ETM causing this, he said because VADIS didn't give a code, then they won't clean it. I asked if they can physically look for buildup, they said no, but if a code is thrown they will clean it for free. [&:]
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